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Opening Hours:
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hydrolyzed protein Hydrolyzed milk
Milk is a valuable food and contains all the essential substances for the growth and metabolism of the body's cells. The average composition of milk includes water, protein, carbohydrates and minerals, and the rest contains significant amounts of vitamins C A B2 B1 D and cytokines and strengthening macromolecules. Another is the presence of insoluble proteins such as casein, albumin globulin, lipoproteins, and complex lipids in milk, making it virtually impossible to use it directly as an effective additive in cosmetic formulations. The natural substance has facilitated its addition to the formulation of cosmetic products.

hydrolyzed protein Hydrolyzed milk 


Company Adonis drug in 1375 based on half a century of experience, effective management and utilization of staff, your service to the pharmaceutical industry all over the country and attempt to complete the basket with the provision of technical knowledge and technology in the world. .
Now the company offers a wide range of products.

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