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Opening Hours:
Opening Hours:
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Call Today:
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Drug Surfactants

Alpha Tocophero a non-ionic surfactant
Docusate Sodium Anionic surfactant
Glyceryl Monooleate nonionic surfactant
Macrogol 15 Hydroxystearate
Polyoxyethylene Alkyl Ether
Polyoxyl 6 stearate 
Polyoxyl 8 stearate 
Polyoxyl 12 stearate 
Polyoxyl 20 stearate 
Polyoxyl 40 stearate 
Polyoxyl 50 stearate 
Polyoxyl 100 stearate 
Caprylocaproyl polyoxylglycerides
Lauroyl polyoxylglycerides
Linoleoyl polyoxylglycerides
Oleoyl polyoxylglycerides
Stearoyl polyoxylglycerides
Sorbitan diisostearate 
Sorbitan dioleate 
Sorbitan Esters (Sorbitan Fatty Acid Esters):
Sorbitan monoisostearate 
Sorbitan monopalmitate 
Sorbitan sesquiisostearate 
Sorbitan sesquioleate 
Sorbitan sesquistearate 
Sorbitan triisostearate 
Sorbitan trioleate 
Vitamin E Polyethylene Glycol Succinat

Company Adonis drug in 1375 based on half a century of experience, effective management and utilization of staff, your service to the pharmaceutical industry all over the country and attempt to complete the basket with the provision of technical knowledge and technology in the world. .
Now the company offers a wide range of products.

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