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Sorbitan monolaurate

Sorbitan monolaurate is a mixture of esters formed from the fatty acid lauric acid and polyols derived from sorbitol, including sorbitan and isosorbide. As a food additive, it is designated with the E number E493.
Sorbitan monolaurate
Sorbitan monolaurate also known as sorbitan sodium laurate is synthesized by the esterification of sorbitan with lauric acid. It has a molecular formula of C18H34O6. At room temperature it is a yellow to amber viscous liquid or soft paste. It has an HLB value of 8.6, it is a W/O emulsifier. As food additives, sorbitan monolaurate can be used as an emulsifier and defoamer; in pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations, it acts as an emulsifier; and it acts as an emulsifier and wetting agent in textile industry.


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