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Hydrolyzed silk protein
Hydrolyzed silk protein as an additive can be used in the liquid phase of creams, shampoos and bath liquids. Silk is actually a soft and shiny fiber that is woven by the silkworm in the cocooning life cycle. The unique glycoprotein of silk causes The luminosity of the fibers is due to the fact that this biopolymer creates a thin layer on the silk threads. Today, the consumption of this natural biopolymer has opened its place in cosmetic products. This biopolymer has a great desire to bind to the skin and hair creatine. Due to having 46% of hydroxy amino acids, it has the ability to retain and absorb moisture, while protecting the skin and hair against adverse environmental conditions, especially dehydration, in a thin layer, and causes softness, softness, radiance and freshness of the skin and hair. It also reduces the depth of skin wrinkles. This glycoprotein is resistant to changes in pH and temperature up to 80 ° C and is easily used in the liquid phase of the formulation of creams and shampoos.

Hydrolyzed silk protein 


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