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Hydrolyzed milk and collagen protein
Hydrolyzed milk and collagen protein is a combination with a certain ratio of collagen and natural milk hydrolysis, which is specially formulated to create a strengthening balance in the amount of essential amino acids and oligopeptides. Depth of skin thinning and repair of damaged hair. On the other hand, strengthening macromolecules in lactolysis are also effective in increasing the activity of melanocytes and skin fibroblasts and as an NMF provides sufficient moisture for skin and hair. On the other hand, hydrolysis power Collagen The amount of essential amino acids such as tryptophan, histotine and tyrosine is very low.
.With proper relative integration of milk and collagen hydrolysis, the biological strengthening power of both products in cosmetic formulations can be used.

Hydrolyzed milk and collagen protein


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